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Hillary Clinton Knew: Bill Clinton Secret Mistress Exposed Through Leak Emails!

Hillary Clinton Knew: Bill Clinton Secret Mistress Exposed Through Leak Emails!
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Hillary Clinton Knew: Bill Clinton Secret Mistress Exposed Through Leak Emails!

Hillary Clinton apparently knew about Bill Clinton and his dirty little secrets. Those are coming out with just a little less than a month to go for Election Day and if it is going to affect Hillary’s campaign for presidency is not known.

But, the timing is just perfect for the Donald Trump camp with lots of negative publicity circulating in the media about the Republican. The latest lot of email messages released as part of the Wikileaks data has exposed a secret of Bill Clinton.

Even before Hillary Clinton announced to contest the U.S. presidential election, the former president’s mistress was a major cause of concern for Clinton aides. The lady in question is Julie Tauber McMahon, Radar Online reports.

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She was known as “The Energizer” by Bill Clinton’s Secret Service agents. In an email communication between former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta and top aide Cheryl Mills, they discussed McMahon.

Podesta is currently Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman. On Dec.28, 2014, he sent an email to Mills that clearly hints that they did not want the world to know about Bill’s mistress.

The subject line read: “Julie.” “Saw her picture in this or last weeks [sic] Enquirer,” Podesta wrote. He was most likely referring to a series of stories published in The National Enquirer.

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In 2014, Radar Online revealed the news about Bill Clinton and his mistress to the entire world. According to sources who spoke to the publication, Julie Tauber McMahon and Bill Clinton first met in 1998.

McMahon, now 56, has always denied having an affair or sleeping with the former President. “My reply remains the same, we are friends and the allegations are false,” she told National Enquirer in 2011.

Julie Tauber McMahon is a wealthy divorcee with three children. Since 1998, she and Clinton continued their clandestine affair. In between reportedly they had allegedly broken up, but again picked up when Chelsea Clinton got married in 2010.

Bill Clinton and his alleged mistress reportedly regularly sneaked into each other’s Chappaqua, New York homes for trysts. A source said that they even slept in Hillary’s bed.

However, the email hints at the fact that only New York might not have been their love nest. Podesta wrote that they needed to “revisit our Whitehaven conversation.” Whitehaven was the Clintons DC mansion.

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