Big Hero 6 Writer Daniel Gerson Dies At 49

Big Hero 6 Writer Daniel Gerson Dies At 49
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Scriptwriter Daniel Gerson, who was behind Pixar’s “Monsters Inc.” and “Monsters University,” lost the battle against brain cancer over the weekend. Will Big Hero 7 still happen?


Big Hero 6 was a successful film that touched the hearts of the audience, all thanks to the scriptwriting talents of Daniel Gerson. According to Entertainment Weekly, he passed away last Saturday due to brain cancer.

During an interview, Gerson had revealed the possibility of writing a prequel about his other project, “Monsters Inc” last 2013. He said, “We had never written a prequel, and when we looked at the prequels out there, there weren’t that many, and the ones that were out there weren’t great.”

He added, “[The challenge was], how do we get people to come along on this journey even though they know where we’re ending up? … If we’ve done our job, the audience will get so invested it’s still going to be somewhat a surprise,” reports Hollywood Reporter.

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Now that the scriptwriter has passed away, will a prequel happen for “Big Hero 6” as well? At present, the makers of the movie have not made an official declaration that they will push for a sequel of the franchise.

Gerson first worked as a staff writer for NBC’s ‘90s sitcom, “Something So Right” and also wrote for “The New Adams Family” and “Big Wolf on Campus.” Afterwards, the “Monsters Inc.” scriptwriter entered the world of feature films.

In fact, Gerson grew up on the Upper West Side of New York and attended the Ethical Culture Fieldston, a school in the Bronx, attended Cornell University and took up film school at NYU where he received his master’s degree.

Big Hero 6 may not have made an official declaration as to whether the fans of the franchise can expect “Big Hero 7” to pop up anytime soon, but fans and his co-workers in the industry could direct their attention and pay respects to the scriptwriter. A funeral service for Daniel Gerson would be held at Los Angeles, and donations in his memory may be accepted by Dr. Linda Liau, an attending medical practitioner at the Brain Tumor Program in UCLA.