Big Brother 17 Eviction: Who Went Out Of The House Tonight?

Big Brother 17 Eviction: Who Went Out Of The House Tonight?

Big Brother 17 predictions on who the final three will be after Wednesday’s eviction night has come true: Vanessa voted John out of the house!


The Inquisitr wrote that Steve said in a solo chat session Tuesday that the final three this season should be Vanessa Rousso, Liz Nolan, and Steve Moses.

Vanessa, who holds all the power after winning the final Veto competition, said that she couldn’t keep John in with his alliance with Steve,” according to Big Brother Network. John follows Austin Matelson who was also sent to the Big Brother 17 jury by Vanessa last Tuesday.

Austin, who was totally shocked when he walked out of the house, stated in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that Vanessa betrayed him. She did this after swearing to keep their deal.

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According to Big Brother Network, John reveals to Big Brother 17 host Julie Chen after stepping out of the house that if he had the chance, he would vote Vanessa out of the house. He also regrets his previous decision of keeping Steve as this led to Vanessa targeting him.

Tonight’s eviction result leaves Steve to compete with Vanessa and Liz. The final three will immediately start the final HOH competition, an endurance battle, with the two losers to face off in part 2, and the winner will meet the first-round winner for the final part. The final winner will receive half a million dollars.

Big Brother 17 finale is on Sept 23, 2015.