Big Alligator Cooling On Florida Golf Course Goes Viral

Big Alligator Cooling On Florida Golf Course Goes Viral
Image from Myakka Pines Golf Club byDick Huber and Bill Susie
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Gigantic Alligator on Golf Course Image from Myakka Pines Golf Club by Dick Huber and Bill Susie

A photo of a gigantic alligator roaming around Myakka Pines Golf Club has gone viral, even catching the attention of big media networks across the globe. The photos of the alligator that joined players at a game of golf were taken by club members Dick Huber and Bill Susie and were definitely not Photoshopped.


Big Alligator on Florida Golf Course Goes Viral

The photos have become viral since they were first posted on March 7. They were taken as the alligator calmly crawled from one pond to another. The story has already been covered by networks such as CNN, ESPN, GolfChannel, The New York Times, The Washington Post and Turner Broadcasting.

“OMgosh!!! Our gator and Myakka Pines are on the HOME PAGE of CNN, Yahoo, Trip advisor and every single local television station. So far we’ve gotten 528,286 views of the picture and gained 140 new ‘likes’,” the administrator of Myakka Pines Golf Club posted on their Facebook page.

“We could not pay for this kind of exposure,” the administrator continued. “I am so excited.”

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Gators Sunning Along Myakka Pines Gold Club

Alligators sunning from pond to pond at Myakka Pines Gold Club is a common sighting.

But the big alligator has gotten so much attention because it seemed to have decided to join a game. It was also the first time an alligator that size came too close to club members.

“She walked up on the green, laid down right on the pin… I got within 10 feet of her. I didn’t get close enough to measure him. I definitely didn’t roll it over to see if it’s male or female,” Huber told 10News.

Myakka Pines club members said they have so much respect for alligators and wildlife in general. In fact, golfers stopped their game and allowed the big alligator to relax on the pond.

“They’re here every day. They live here we visit… You give them a wide berth, let them have their space and play on,” Huber said.