Bianca Biasi From ‘Home And Away’ Shares Supernatural Encounter On Set

Bianca Biasi From ‘Home And Away’ Shares Supernatural Encounter On Set
Ghost Fleet Kyle Harmon / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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It seems that the shooting of “Home and Away” is enjoyed not only by human beings but also by ghosts. Recently, “Home and Away” star Bianca Biasi shared her supernatural experience on Palm Beach while shooting the show.


Bianca Biasi played police woman Pia Correlli in 2003 in “Home and Away,” and till date the experience of encountering the supernatural haunts her. The Palm Beach area, which is the fictional Summer Bay, was once visited by a ghost as per the lady. While discussing her experience with New Idea magazine, the 36-year-old mentioned the she was on the beach on her own after the shooting wrapped up. A man came from a grassy area nearby and started encircling her.

Bianca was getting nervous as the whole scenario was so scary. As she put it, “I got a bit teary because things were getting that bad.” Suddenly a dog came from nowhere and stood between the man and her. The man went away, succumbing to the dog’s powerful presence. But when the lady looked back, the dog had disappeared.

She mentioned in her interview, “Then this dog came out of nowhere and stood right in between me and the guy and stared him down,” adding, “I’m pretty sure the man was real, but there was something ghostly about the dog.” She said, “I told Isabel Lucas [who played Tasha Andrews] the full story. She was fascinated, but couldn’t decide if it was a real dog or an apparition.”

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