Beyonce Teases ‘Lemonade’ Video Coming On HBO

Beyonce Teases ‘Lemonade’ Video Coming On HBO
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Beyonce had kept her fans wondering for months as what her latest project “Lemonade” really is about. Adding to the thrill, she had posted a 20-minute teaser of “Lemonade” on her Instagram.


Queen Bey’s short video only shows herself with cornrowed hair and her head resting on a car’s hood. However, her caption to the video revealed that whatever “Lemonade” really means, it would be revealed on April 23 on HBO at 9 p.m E.T.

TIME described the short video. “It’s a gritty vignette that kind of evokes a Terrence Malick film – ethereal shots of nature, distant voice-overs, etc. – but otherwise doesn’t answer many of our questions.”

CNN reported that the famous singer’s Formation World Tour would begin on April 27 in Miami. Rumors circulated that “Lemonade” refers to a new song. One fan even said on Twitter, “And @Beyonce breaks the internet with one word: #Lemonade.”

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In a report by Mirror, the rumors sparked when she started to post lemon-themed photos on her Instagram.

Beyonce also surprised everyone when she launched her clothing line Ivy Park. And two months ago, before her Super Bowl halftime performance, she released the music video of “Formation.”

HBO has aired a special on her 2014 concert, “On the Run Tour: Beyonce and JayZ,” and also a 2013 documentary “Beyonce: Life is but a Dream”.

As to what Beyonce’s “Lemonade” really means, fans would have to wait until it is aired on HBO on April 23.

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