Beware: Pebble Time Round Can Make You Switch From Apple To Pebble

Beware: Pebble Time Round Can Make You Switch From Apple To Pebble
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Thin, light, small, round-faced smartwatch, better than many of the best-selling smartwatches in the market. Read on to know more about Pebble Time Round, a new smartwatch from Pebble.

Pebble has finally launched a smartwatch with a round face, unlike the previous watch faces which had a square design. With Pebble Time Round, the company has managed to manufacture a smartwatch which is lighter than the Apple Watch. Yes, the new Pebble watch weighs only 28 grams.


Pebble has without a doubt worked on the Time Round’s looks and made sure that this watch looks drastically different from the company’s previous models. And they have been successful in doing so. But when it comes to the workings of Pebble Time Round, this smartwatch does a job not different than its elder siblings. There are some minor changes – like the absence of a touchscreen. It is said that this new smartwatch is primarily built for notifications.

The tech experts believe that as the competition in increasing, Pebble is now looking to compete with other smartwatch manufacturing giants like Google and Apple. Eric Migicovsky, co-Founder of Pebble, said,

“Apple came in earlier this year and pitched a very distinct version of the future. They’re looking at building something that’s more akin to a Rolex on your wrist. We’re not necessarily only looking at the high end of the market.”

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People who have been loyal to Pebble due to the battery life are up for a disappointment. With a single charge, the battery will last for two days. This is much better than other smartwatches that offer hardly a day’s battery life. But Pebble is known to give users a battery that never disappoints. It still charges faster and lasts for 24 hours with just 15 minutes of charging. Isn’t that great?

Pebble Time Round is manufactured with the intention of competing with other smartwatch manufacturers, and it looks like it is going to give some of the top brands sleepless nights.

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