Beware: Apple iOS Bug Can Affect Twitter And Snapchat

Beware: Apple iOS Bug Can Affect Twitter And Snapchat
Suri and the Scots indigo_girl / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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What's This?

Apple’s text bug has the potential to affect Twitter and Snapchat. It has already affected Twitter users on the iPhone. It has also been reported to permanently break Snapchat text chats.


The bug has the potential to affect every messaging app on any iOS device and though the company has brought a workaround for the issue, a permanent solution is still missing.

The iOS bug has caused Apple messaging services to choke with a string of Arabic, Marathi and Chinese characters irrespective of device. The Guardian reported that the message can be sent over Twitter as a direct or public message, which will make the phone crash once the user tries to open it. The bug can be equally destructive when you have notifications turned on.

When used on Snapchat, it can crash the phone permanently if the user tries to read the message. This directly implies that your chat history with the person should be completely blocked if you don’t want to crash your phone.

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The problem with the Apple text bug is that it cannot be cleared. All you can do is send a message to other contacts and receive messages from them, too.

The workaround issued by Apple asked people to use Siri in order to send messages and also file a request to Siri to unblock messaging. You can also send photos from the photo app to the contact and regain access so that you can delete the history.

The Apple iOS bug was started as a prank. There is no report of hackers using this string of letters, but people are sending it to strangers, friends and family to deliberately cause their iPhones to crash.