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Betty Reid Soskin: Oldest Park Ranger Robbed! Coin From Obama Stolen

Betty Reid Soskin: Oldest Park Ranger Robbed! Coin From Obama Stolen
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Betty Reid Soskin: Oldest Park Ranger Robbed! Coin From Obama Stolen

Betty Reid Soskin, a 94-year-old park ranger, was attacked by an unknown assailant in her apartment in the middle of the night. According to sources, the thief stole a coin she had personally received from President Barack Obama.

Richmond police are expecting help from the public so as to identify the suspect who physically assaulted the world’s oldest park ranger.

The special coin was awarded to her by Obama when she was honored before Christmas in Washington, DC. Forunately, according to her boss at the National Park Service, she will soon receive a replacement coin from the president, said NBC.

Police were informed of the incident that a woman’s apartment had been broken into on Hilltop Drive on Monday at 1:45 a.m.

According to Richmond Police Lt. Felix Tan, the incident started around midnight. Soskin, 94, was awakened by a man. The unknown assailant was going through a jewelry box in her bedroom.

The woman reacted by trying to grab her cellphone to call for help. During that moment, the assailant saw her move. He snatched the phone away and began punching her. The suspect continued the assault, dragging her from the bedroom into the hallway.

“This is a vicious, heinous crime,” Tan said. “This is vicious enough for anyone at any age.”

It was informed that anyone who knows of the coin’s whereabouts should immediately report to the police. According to Tan, other items stolen from the woman’s apartment were mostly electronic devices.

The oldest park ranger is currently receiving medical care for the bruises on her face. She is recovering at her Hilltop-area home, KRON 4 said.

Soskin talks about history at Richmond’s Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical Park. She was was given the award for being the nation’s oldest full-time U.S. park ranger.

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