Better Days Are Ahead for Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android N

Better Days Are Ahead for Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android N
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge via Compfight cc

Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy S7 running on Android N sometime soon. Furthermore, new reports suggest that the Android N inclusion will do wonders for the smartphone, including better stylus support. Can Samsung come back to glory with the new Galaxy S7?


Previously, there were reports that Samsung will reveal the next Galaxy sometime around February 21. Although the teaser only said “Galaxy” in singular form, many expect Samsung to unveil two main variants: the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

For those looking for more information about the devices, the details may have been revealed through Samsung’s own developer site. Specifically, the Look SDK section offers a listing of features for the Edge devices. According to XDA, Samsung just hinted about the Android N offering better stylus support. According to the Look API develop page, the following features were posted:


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  • Edge Single Mode
  • Edge Single Plus Mode
  • Edge Feeds Mode
  • Edge Immersive Mode (will be deprecated in N)


  • AirButton (will be deprecated in N)
  • SmartClip (will be deprecated in N)
  • WritingBuddy (will be deprecated in N)
  • PointerIcon

There is a pattern from the given information. A number of S-Pen features like WritingBuddy, SmartClip and AirButton will be written off in the Android N. Since the features comprise a large part of S-Pen’s functionalities, Samsung will only most likely drop the support for, unless Google offered something better on Android N’s End.

The initial screenshot from Droid-Life showed the S7 name but at present, Samsung’s page does not have the device listed anymore. As with other upcoming releases, information about the devices should be taken with a grain of salt until the company releases an official announcement. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to compete with Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 but the early release should get things moving differently.