Best Buy Introduces Geek Squad, Ready To Recover Missing Or Deleted Data

Best Buy Introduces Geek Squad, Ready To Recover Missing Or Deleted Data
Best Buy in Barboursville, West Virginia Nicholas Eckhart / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Best Buy knows it is possible for doting parents to lose a photo of their new baby. At the same time, there’s also a chance that someone in the family accidentally deletes that nice video taken during the holidays. Best Buy knows these things happen. That is why this giant retailer has assembled a Geek Squad.


Yes, you heard it right. Best Buy now has a Geek Squad whose sole mission is to recover data that may have mysteriously disappeared or accidentally deleted. It doesn’t matter which version of the story you give. After all, Geek Squad Agents are absolute professionals.

Now, Best Buy says there are ways it can help you get your data back, depending on the level of complexity of your situation. If you happen to have accidentally deleted your file or lost it when you reformatted your phone, then you can just go to a Geek Squad Precinct in any Best Buy location in the U.S. where they will perform a “Level 1 data recovery.” Meanwhile, if your device is not properly functioning or barely functioning, you may need some Level 2 or Level 3 type of data recovery service. Best Buy says its Geek Squad performs a Level 2 kind of service when the drives on the device are already “failing or non-functioning.” On the other hand, a Level 3 service is needed if the device has already suffered “extreme damage or failure.” This can mean that the hard drive is already broken.

Customers can now avail of the Best Buy Geek Squad’s Level 1 data recovery service at any U.S. location for $49.99 for a diagnosis. At the same time, a Geek Squad Agent can give a cost estimate of other data recovery services your device might need. Meanwhile, Level 2 and Level 3 data recovery would need to be done at the Geek Squad City in Kentucky.

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