Bernie Sanders Supporter Susan Sarandon Slams Hillary Clinton, Calls Donald Trump A Better President

Bernie Sanders Supporter Susan Sarandon Slams Hillary Clinton, Calls Donald Trump A Better President
Susan Sarandon, and Elle Fanning at the premiere of About Ray, 2015 Toronto Film Festival. GabboT/Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA

American actress Susan Sarandon, who is a loyal and committed advocate for United States senator Bernie Sanders, is more in favor of Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton. She said she would rather see Trump become president if Hillary Clinton becomes Democratic nominee in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.


On Monday’s “All In With Chris Hayes,” Sarandon was asked if Sanders’ supporters would cast their ballots for the former United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. She said no.

Sarandon said, “I think Bernie would probably encourage individuals to vote for Hillary, for the reason that the Vermont senator doesn’t have any ego in this thing. But I think a lot of Americans are, ‘Sorry, I just can’t bring myself to do that.’”

Because she is adamant against voting for Clinton, this means she would vote for Trump. “If he gets in, then things will really explode,” she told MSNBC. When the SAG-winning actress was asked if it’s dangerous to have Trump as the president of the U.S.A., the actress replied, “If you think that it’s pragmatic to shore up the status quo right now, then you’re not in touch with the status quo.”

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The lead star of the crime thriller film “The Calling” stated that Clinton is  simply “not on the right side.” According to Page Six, Susan is not at ease with Clinton as the U.S. president because the former First Lady has consented to receive funds from fracking supporters.

The outspoken supporter of Sanders said that if Clinton accepted millions of dollars from supporters, that would mean she will not be protecting the welfare of Americans. Sarandon also said Clinton will not make way for the American people to have a $15 minimum wage.

Sarandon also said she feels Clinton is not authentic. She even perceive Clinton as a liar. Harsh words.

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