Bernie Sanders Owned Sunday’s CNN Democratic Debate: Online Polls

Bernie Sanders Owned Sunday’s CNN Democratic Debate: Online Polls
Bernie Sanders Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Immediately after the 2-hour Democratic presidential debate on Sunday evening, news organizations across the country have run their own online polls to gauge who won in the debate. The seventh Democratic presidential debate was hosted by CNN in Flint, Michigan.


According to online polls ran by TIME, International Business Times, and the Detroit News, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders outshone former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Both presidential aspirants are seeking the party’s nomination for this year’s presidential election.

Numbers Don’t Lie

At least three online polls cite Sanders as the winner in Sunday’s CNN debate hosted by veteran news anchor Anderson Cooper. In TIME’s online poll, Sanders won by a landslide, owning 87 percent of the 72,total votes, while Clinton trailed behind with only 13 percent of the votes.

TIME, however, notes that online polls do not necessarily represent the eligible primary votes statistically. But it provides a clearer perspective on the sentiments of the candidate’s online fan base.

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In an IB Times poll, Sanders bested Clinton with 55 percent of votes. Clinton, who appeared popular among African-American voters, got 45 percent.

As of writing, the online poll ran by Detroit News shows a whooping 93.75 votes for Sanders, which equates to a total of 49,011 online votes for the senator. Clinton only got 6.25 percent, or 3,269 of the total 52,280 online votes.


One of the main highlights of Sunday’s Democratic presidential debate was when the two aspirants traded barbs on different issues, including the auto-industry bailout, current political matters, and gun control, among others.

Both Sanders and Clinton showed individual positions on issues at hand, which made the 2-hour debate intense. The debate also sounded like a blaming game, especially when Sanders accused his opponent of faulty policies that prompted the transfer of manufacturing firms in Flint, Michigan to someplace else, where labor cost is cheaper. This decision, according to Sanders, has severely affected local economy in the area.


  • FACTS ABOUT BERNIE: Bernie is actually a “Social Democrat” if going by strict definitions. What this means is that he supports policies and an economy that focuses and works for the people first and foremost, not to further enrich the pockets of the mega corporations. He is concerned about workers being properly paid for their work put in (and not taken advantage of because they have no choice and need the job), kids (especially those who are left behind due to the color of their skin), access to health care even if you are poor and not see people die from a treatable illness because of poverty (something that affects especially the minority and those who STILL faces severe discrimination in this day and age).

    Providing free education to those who are academically capable is an investment on the people (and it will benefit the economy too producing more local people with the skills and qualifications to be employed to do the jobs). Providing basic access to healthcare for all is a basic human rights, and it will also help the economy and workers are more healthy. Putting more money into the pockets of middle to low income families will drive consumption up (rather than having the super wealthy stashing it overseas to avoid paying taxes), and create a healthier society with less frustrated people and reduce crime rates. An economy that is based on compassion and puts humanistic and socialistic concerns as the primary focus, rather than profit at all cost, is what Bernie is proposing. He is not trying to undermine democracy in any way to set up an autocratic government. That is a lie propagated my the corporate owned media that would want to continue to benefit by paying their workers slave wages, and from the deregulation thanks to the Clintons during Bill’s presidency.

    With higher taxes, the already highly profitable companies will make less profits yes, but they will certainly still remain highly profitable and will not close down. Certain carefully balanced penalties can be imposed on big profitable businesses that wishes to sell locally but export jobs, while rewarding companies that produces jobs locally, and/or invests in R&D.

    With a stronger middle class, consumption will increase, and the American market will be even more “valuable” to businesses even if they have to pay higher tax. Wall Street speculations are more like gambling dens (manipulating the economy to their own profit) and do not really produce anything useful, and they deserve to be taxed.



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