Bernie Sanders Home: Senator Corrupted Campaign Funds For $600K Summer House?

Bernie Sanders Home: Senator Corrupted Campaign Funds For $600K Summer House?
Bernie Sanders Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Did Sen. Bernie Sanders corrupt campaign funds to buy a luxurious summer house?


This seems to be the question that many Americans would like to be answered after a comment on social media has suggested that he might have used the campaign donations to get himself and his wife Jane O’Meara Sanders a $600,000 home.

What could have been the basis of this allegation?

“When you find out Bernie Sanders just used your $27 donations to buy himself a new summer home,” a certain I, Hoebot posted on Twitter, according to Snopes.

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It can be noted that the public official’s net worth is only pegged at $528,014. Thus, it came as a surprise for some that he is capable of buying a beachfront summer vacation home in North Hero, Vt.

Amid this accusation, though, it was pointed out that Sen. Bernie Sanders reportedly acquired the highly-controversial four-bedroom property from the proceeds of selling his wife’s vacation home in Maine.

“My family had a lake home in Maine since 1900, but we hadn’t had the time to go there in recent years — especially since my parents passed away,” Jane O’Meara Sanders shared. “We finally let go of it and that enabled us to buy a place in the islands — something I’ve always hoped for.”

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Meanwhile, Snopes hinted that he could have saved the campaign donations in the back and might have used them for his “personal gain.” On Monday, Seven Days broke the news about the newly-bought new vacation destination of the Sanders, saying that it is already their third home.

Accordingly, the family will still stay in their Burlington home, and just visit the Lake Champlain summer home from time to time. “We’ve traveled up to the islands many times over the years — almost always on day trips,” Sen. Bernie Sanders’s wife told the publication.

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  • Charlotte Scot

    I am outraged you would suggest Bernie Sanders took campaign funds to buy this lake house. Have you seen pictures of the “luxurious” summer home. Give me a break. There is nothing luxurious about it from what I’ve seen.To me it looks like a typical log lakeside house in New England. Certainly not on a par with Hillary Clinton’s 1.7 million dollar house in Chappaqua or her $2.8 million dollar house in DC or her daughter’s 9 million dollar apartment in NYC. Bernie haters just say anything and everything to make him look bad and I resent it. I contributed to his campaign and I seriously doubt my money was used for anything but the campaign. The real story should be thermal fraud the DNC and Hillary Clinton perpetrated on the American people by rigging the primaries. My guess is Jane Sanders bought the cabin for their kids and grandkids and to maintain a sense of privacy.

    • EGonzalez

      I don’t care for Sanders, but he is definitely honest. I am absolutely sure he did not steal any campaign funds. However, it looks unseemly and hypocritical to be the champion of “working people” while purchasing a $600,000 third house. Interesting that he didn’t donate any money from the sale of Jane’s home to needy people. I guess that’s someone else’s job. None of this would bother me except that he is so self-righteous about other people’s money.

  • Letitia365

    I am outraged too! Tall tales like this one just want to suck the joy out of living. The Sanders are good people. Leave them alone.

  • William Castronuovo

    THIS STORY IS FALSE and fact checked: The entire premise is part of the Internet rumor mob — THE FUNDS came from the sale of Jane Sander’s parent’s home in Maine — plus added inheritance from her mother. Bernie and Jane never used the Maine house and sold it — they felt it wise to purchase property as a more logical investment in real estate — that would be passed down. Don’t forget Bernie’s 74-years-old.

    To imply that the Sanders campaign donations of $27 went to him personally is hints a a bias. The Sanders campaign financial disclosures were always the very first ones filed of all the candidates during the primaries. Every donation penny and expenditure is accounted for — fanatically so.

    The Sanders effort was also the most efficient in their spending than other campaigns — including Clinton’s. If you look closely at the Sanders campaign’s — as you should have before posting this fact-free story — it has ZERO debt.

    When after the District of Columbia primary donations were still coming in. On July 1, 2016 Bernie hand more than $9 million in the bank — Trump less than a million.

    Those after primary funds first went to help Sanders delegates get to the Philly convention and find them places to stay. The much of the rest is going towards down ballot candidates — by percentage Sanders has contributed more to down ballot candidates than any other candidate — and by dollars, millions more than the GOP nominee Trump.

    What’s more, when you make such a sensational headline — do what honest folks do with respected news feeds — attribute the story from three sources or a contactable staff reporter.

    Doing fiction such as this is makes you suspect as hell — maybe if you did some reading of trusted sources you’d have credibility. Right now it’s as if you’re reading the Google search headlines — and that’s it.

    — Editor and publisher of The Washington Reader newsfeed on Facebook.

    • Janet Szymkowiak

      HE has no job till in his 40’s and should a socialist have 3 – homes unless he is a capitalist.
      America are you not smarter than that. He ridiculed Clinton and now he supports her; how dumb are his voters. Wow…