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‘Berlin Station’ Plot Spoilers: What We Know About The Epix Drama Series

‘Berlin Station’ Plot Spoilers: What We Know About The Epix Drama Series
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‘Berlin Station’ Plot Spoilers: What We Know About The Epix Drama Series

Berlin Station, an Epix series packed with 10 episode, is set to premiere its first season on Sunday (16th of October).

The creator of Berlin Station and Spy-fiction novelist Olen Steinhauer will be directing the show and this will be his first ever stagy output. Berlin Station is an original scripted show.

Berlin Station started filming November last year in Berlin, which is the perfect place for the spectacle hence the title. Berlin is the place to be for this kind of story bur to its vintage but beaming streets.

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The first two episodes of the show were already released in Stenhauer’s website. Berlin Station’s kickoff may be a little overwhelming due to its wordy scenes.

Based on the first few episodes, it will be a journey on tracking the culprit who is responsible for the C.I.A’s Berlin Office leakage of material. The cast shall be commended for is versatile acting. Richard Armitage portrays C.I.A agent Daniel Miller, who is designated in Berlin to catch who revealed such revelations in the German press.

Aside from the present cases in the story, there is a depth understanding of one’s loyalty of who and where you serve for, and that despite all these, espionage will still ruin your life.

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According to Los Angeles Times, “bad things happen when we least expect them”. The viewers of the show must catch up to its fast-paced story. In just a blink of an eye, it’s possible to get lost in the flow of the story if you don’t pay much attention to details. It meets the expectation of how the show projected their theme.

As the New York Times would describe Berlin Station, “beneath one secret there’s another and another and another, one big mess of our own creation.”

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