Ben Higgins May Drop Out Of ‘The Bachelor’ 2016

Ben Higgins May Drop Out Of ‘The Bachelor’ 2016
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Ben Higgins may be dropping out of “The Bachelor” 2016. If rumors are to be believed, the purpose of the prospective Bachelor is already fulfilled for Ben. He has found a girlfriend outside the glitter of limelight and he will not be able to take part in the show.


According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Ben has a girlfriend back home. Ben is spending time with Kelly Osborn before the filming of the show and may be faking the season of “The Bachelor,” where beautiful ladies come to find true love.

Osborn posted a picture with Ben on her Instagram profile during Taylor Swift’s concert. An insider told OK! Magazine that the two were seen flirting the whole night and they went to the concert together. The insider said, “Ben was with this girl, Kelly Osborn, hugging, flirting and laughing closely,” adding, “They were pretty much acting like a couple the whole time they were together. They were in their own world and seemed really cute and happy together.”

The filming of “The Bachelor” has not yet started and these rumors can go against the star and the show. However, this is not the only reason the participants of the show shall be worried. Becca Tilley and “Bachelor in Paradise” star Tenley Molzahn are two names that are coming up as contenders of the show.

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There is a report that Molzahn has dated Ben before he entered the show. On the other hand, Tilley is quite interested in the guy and she posted earlier on Twitter that he is the guy she is looking forward to meet.

With rumors surrounding “The Bachelor” 2016, we will have to wait till shooting starts.

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