Ben Affleck’s Batman Solo Movie: Joe Manganiello Is Supervillain Deathstroke?

Ben Affleck’s Batman Solo Movie: Joe Manganiello Is Supervillain Deathstroke?
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Earlier on Monday, Actor and Director Ben Affleck teased Deathstroke through a clip uploaded on his official Twitter page. Since then, fans have been aching to know more details on the infamous supervillian’s appearance in upcoming DCEU movies.


In July, a tweet from a credible Comic Book Movie Journalist teased Deathsroke a.k.a Slade Wilson in a cryptic message. Finally it has been confirmed that the mercenary will be casted in Ben Affleck’s Batman movie.

According to a report from The Wrap, Slade Wilson will be the supervillain in Batman solo movie. Furthermore, it also looks like DCEU has already chosen its cast for the role as well.

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Since Deathstroke’s confirmation, it has been rumored that Joe Manganiello will be playing as the mercenary. The actor recently started to follow Zack Snyder on his official Twitter page. Furthermore, Manganiello’s wife Sofia Vergara also started to follow Ben Affleck on her official account.

Earlier this week, Joe Manganiello also shared a picture of himself with Sofia Vergara on his Twitter account. The actor revealed a goatee and a short hairstyle similar to Slade Wilson in DC Comics.

It has also been confirmed that Joe Manganiello is currently in London through his twitter account. Ben Affleck and others are also in the same location filming for Justice League movie.

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While there has been no official confirmation yet, it is likely that Joe Manganiello has already been chosen for a role in an upcoming DCEU movie. fans are currently waiting for DC Entertainment’s Youtube Stream in September as it has been hinted that ‘cinematic universe’ announcements will also be part of the event.

Batman solo movie is currently in the scripting phase by Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns. Warner Bros. has also not confirmed its official release date yet.

So Joe Manganiello’s wife Sofia Vergara started following Ben Affleck on Twitter….. from DC_Cinematic

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