Ben Affleck’s The Batman Movie Entire Predicted Cast, Eva Green as Selina Kyle & More

Ben Affleck’s The Batman Movie Entire Predicted Cast, Eva Green as Selina Kyle & More
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Fans are highly anticipating The Batman movie announcement from DCEU during San Diego Comic-con this year. While Ben Affleck’s appearance at the panel has still not been listed, it’s likely that we could expect a surprise reveal from Warner Bros.


Earlier in May, it was confirmed that Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns were working together on the script for The Batman movie. Although the movie is still in early stages of development, few casts like Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, The Joker have been confirmed for DCEU.

By now, fans are already speculating that The Batman story line would be closer to the comic realm in its adaptation. Affleck also confirmed it during an interview. But if so, who could possibly do justice to the role of Catwoman, Poison Ivy, The Riddler and more?

While it’s early to expect a cast reveal any time this year, a fan has posted an entire list of celebrities, suggested to be perfect for the fictional characters appearing as supervillain in Batman.

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Redditor _kyros404_ created a “Rogues Gallery” as Eva Green has been predicted to play as Cat Woman and Jessica Chastain as Poison Ivy. You can check out the image below.

In an earlier report, it has already been speculated by a credible source that Matt Damon could be cast as an Arkham criminal in Ben Affleck’s Batman. While the Jason Bourne actor did confess that he wanted to play a superhero character, it looks like he would be up for an antagonist role as well if Affleck would direct it.

In other news, Warner Bros. just confirmed its upcoming DCEU movies till 2020 in its recent schedule reveal. Man of Steel 2 has been speculated to be part of it and fans are expecting to hear some news from Zack Snyder during San Diego Comic-con. You can check out the list here.

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