Being Hugely ‘Endowed,’ Chris Hemsworth Was Mortified (Vacation Spoiler Alert!)

Being Hugely ‘Endowed,’ Chris Hemsworth Was Mortified (Vacation Spoiler Alert!)
Chris Hemsworth visita El Hormiguero El Hormiguero / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

Chis Hemsworth’s huge business down south, which he shamelessly flaunted in “Vacation,” got the whole town palpitating. But before anyone gets a heart attack, Morning News USA would only be reporting about the mammoth-sized prosthetic penis which the hunk actor used in the film.


“Vacation” HUGE spoiler alert!

In the movie, which premiered on July 29, Aunt Audrey, played by Leslie Mann, is married to a simpleton yet muscular local meteorologist named Stone Crandall who is played by Chris. Stone is fond of walking around in his underwear. Imagine a topless Thor, with a redneck accent. In one hilarious scene, Chris opened his legs and flaunted his “mammoth.”

Speaking with E! Online after the film’s premiere, Chris said the scene was “embarrassing.”

“It was hilarious and probably more for other people than me…I was intimidated by that set and scene,” he said.

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According to co-directors and writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, Chris had actually chosen the prosthetics personally.

“We went to a room with him and he modeled a couple of options for us,” Jonathan told E! Online.

“It was the weirdest couple of hours,” Daley added.

Co-actor Ed Helms joked, “I knew exactly how big it would be because it was molded off of me.”

In a separate interview with ET, co-star Christina Applegate said Chris had actually showed his acting prowess while the controversial prop was attached to him.

“It could have been vulgar. Someone would have messed that up, because they would be thinking, ‘This is so funny what I am doing with my thing, and I am going to be really, super funny with it.’ He wasn’t. He was playing it as if he was fully clothed,” she told ET.

Co-actors drool over Chris’s abs

But while the “endowment” was fake, Chris’s abs never failed to amaze even co-actor Ed.

“That’s how we do it, [but] I had no idea his abs would be that amazing. I actually washed my clothes on his abs,” he said.

Christina said they kept asking Chris about the moisturizer he used to keep his abs that soft and shiny. “We all would watch and be like, ‘Mhm. Amazing. Wow.’ Men, women, children, animals, everyone stopped,” she said.

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