Is Beijing The Right Choice For Winter Olympics 2022?

Is Beijing The Right Choice For Winter Olympics 2022?
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Beijing was awarded the rights to host Winter Olympics 2022 on Friday, despite the city’s lack of snow.


A new accusation of copying has every potential to cause embarrassment to the highest level and draw huge criticism among nations absorbed in serious practice of winter sports.

Beijing becomes the first city to host both Summer and Winter Games.

A very controversial choice even before it was announced. Many serious contenders to host the event had withdrawn, leaving Beijing and Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan, to bid for the event.

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The “Weird Decision”

The decision raised questions among Western critics.

Zhangjiakou, a city that lies between Beijing and Inner Mongolia, right on the edge of the Gobi Desert, will be staging all six major skiing events of the 2022 edition of the Games. The place is regarded as the least snowiest region in Asia. A testament of the weirdness regarding selection of the host.

Moreover, there are questions from the Human Rights Watch over China’s approach towards the rights of the migrant workers.

“Though the human rights situation is dire in China, the spotlight of the Olympics provides China the chance to improve upon its record of repression and showcase and celebrate all positive facets of the country,” reads a landmark report from Human Rights Watch.

“Regrettably, when China hosted the Olympic Games in 2008, this wasn’t the case. The crackdown on dissent only intensified and lives were lost.”

The Theme Song Controversy

The keen listeners have already identified it. Beijing’s Winter Olympics song sounds suspiciously close to the tunes of the runaway hit “Let It Go” from the Disney musical “Frozen.”

“Plagiarism, stealing, copying – that’s the only thing China can do,” said YouTube user zn4807. “There’s nothing you can do, this is China, from officials to the people, there’s a culture of plagiarism, theft and copying.”

There are more critics on YouTube.

“Does anyone want to burst out into ‘Let It Go’ at 01:14?” said another user, Shiu-Wah Wong.

Though no one was available to comment from Beijing Games organizing committee or Disney.

The Oscar-winning “Frozen” is one of the biggest animated features of all time. It raked up more than $1.3 billion at the box office worldwide. Disney also announced in March that it would be releasing a sequel.


  • Tricia

    You “Sunynite” and zn4807- Other netizens have stated that the Americans and Europeans do that thing best -COPY CAT EVERYTHING from China. Excuse me, but note the fact that China invented gunpowder, our Chinese fashion clothing, our own Chinese language from over 4500 years ago, our amazing silk, Chinese acupuncture (fact), great teas, amazing Chinese martial arts (fact and NOT copy cat). Therefore, you are wrong and incorrect that China (no) copies. That is not true that China copy cat (no) everything!! You zn4807 have terrible sins and you ozn4807 we major apologies to China and Beijing and to overseas Chinese people. You zn4807 are wrong and incrrect re: Plagiarism, stealing, copying – that’s the only thing China can do,” said YouTube user zn4807. There is a culture of plagiarism, theft by EVERYONE in America, England or France, stealing other countries and colonizing them. According to history, they were invading and stealing Vietnam by the French for 100 years is 15 times worse. Europeans invading and stole North America from the Indians yet you are not accusing them of stealing and copying.