Beheaded Donald Trump Shirt: Where Is It Being Sold?

Beheaded Donald Trump Shirt: Where Is It Being Sold?
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In 1993, Mexican American band Brujeria released a full length album Matando Güeros, which instantly became popular (certainly not in an impressive way) for featuring an extremely nasty cover.


This cover showed a hand coming from out of the frame holding a severed head.

To express their disinclination towards Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, the Mexican American band has released a t-shirt that shows the business mogul’s head in place of the actual head from the cover, according to Dangerous Minds.

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Beheaded Donald Trump Shirt: “Far less graphic record covers have been banned” from Walmart.

The t-shirt was available on Walmart. Dangerous Minds further notes that “far less graphic record covers have been banned from the chain.” It also says it is unlikely that the store would officially or privately support Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who was on Walmart’s board from 1986 until 1992, over Trump.

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Walmart also has a reason to not back Trump since the presidential candidate has proposed imposing a 45 percent tariff on Chinese imports.

The back of the t-shirt, as noted by Metal Sucks, reads “Make America Hate Again.”

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Beheaded Donald Trump Shirt: T-shirt Pulled From Store’s Website

According to the website’s latest update, “The shirt is actually sold on their websites marketplace by private seller called Rockabilia. Walmarts website works kind of like Amazon in that Walmart sells stuff and they also allow private sellers to sell stuff also.”

Nevertheless, it has not been made clear whether the t-shirt is only available online or is the chain also selling it in their stores.

News soon emerged, though, that Walmart had pulled the t-shirt from its website on Thursday.

According to Info Wars, the store chain has not commented on the shirt or why it was removed.

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