Beast of Barmston Drain Hull: Werewolf Spotted?

Beast of Barmston Drain Hull: Werewolf Spotted?
Beast of Barmston Drain Pixabay
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Whether or not the myth surrounding the Beast of Barmston Drain is to be believed or not is still a matter of contention. But according to a young woman of 24, she saw exactly what is called a werewolf, while she was driving with two friends through the East Riding village of Halsham.


Jemma Waller, an animal rescue worker, said she saw a big dog with a human face and cream and grey fur approaching their car on two feet.

“We were driving down this country lane on our way to get some pizza and my friend in the back seat said that he had seen a fox,” she was quoted as saying by the Hull Mail Online. “I looked on my driver’s side and saw this beast on all fours who started to walk straight towards my car on two legs. It looked like a big dog, probably bigger than my car, but it had a human face. It also had this cream and grey fur.”

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She added that she kept on driving but the creature did not follow the car and instead turn around and ran off. “Everyone in the car was really shaken,” she said. “We’d never seen anything like that before.”

In May several sightings of an eight foot, half-man half-dog creature dubbed the Beast of Barmston Drain were reported in Hull. The sightings led the folklorists to draw a connection between the creature and the Old Stinker, a werewolf that is said to stalk the Yorkshire Wolds.

The reported that when the groups stopped at a fuel station, the staff there told them about the Beast of Barmston Drain that stalked the lands nearby Hull, dating back to 18th century. The recent sightings of the beast have revived interest in the folklore and the Hull City Council has confirmed that there is no written policy on dealing with werewolves.

“It just made us more scared and I didn’t get any sleep that night,” Waller said.

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