Battlefield 1′ Open Beta Tips: How To Survive The Sinai Desert, Here Are The Tricks

Battlefield 1′ Open Beta Tips: How To Survive The Sinai Desert, Here Are The Tricks
Battlefield 1 DICE
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What's This?

The much awaited Battlefield 1 Open Beta is here and with it comes the chaotic and borderline unrealistic warfare the series is known for. But you won’t be jumping from cockpit to cockpit this time, as the Open Beta will take you to the Sinai desert during World War 1.


While a desert setting might not be new for first-person shooters, this time is different. With the game’s dynamic weather, sandstorms and other desert phenomena can come in without warning, ha take that Modern Warfare 3!

To help you survive the harsh conditions of the map, let alone the chaos of the battle, Heavy has lined up some useful tips. So mount your camel and get lost in the unforgiving desert.

Turn the Kill Log on Before You Start

Battlefield 1 developer EA DICE has made it a priority to give players a better view of their surroundings. With that said, they opted to hide the main kill feed from view.

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This was probably done to declutter the player’s HUD for a better gaming experience. The kill feed being hidden has its benefits such as tracking which enemies already bit the dust or which vehicles are still running.

Respect the Sandstorm and Use it to Your Advantage

Like a true elite soldier, use the terrain to your advantage or in this case, what the terrain throws at you. Sandstorms can disrupt a battle giving you a momentary lull at best.

Use this cover to assault enemy positions or relocate if you feel your position has been compromised. It can also be used to avoid snipers since it severely limits their vision.

Know Where the Specialized Classes Spawn and How to Use Them

It helps to be unique so specialized classes can make or break your squad during a firefight. There are currently three specialized units in the Sinai desert and only one of each type can be active at a time. Use them to bolster your team’s firepower with their utilitarian roles. It’s also a bonus if you know how to play each class effectively.

A flamer can be used to flush out you enemies from fortified positions too risky to enter. Flank you enemies to maximize the effect of this class putting your enemies between a flamethrower and a hard place.

The heavy gunner is a pretty straightforward class. Use his overwhelming firepower to provide covering fire or to shred light armor and infantry. The anti-tank rifle is exactly what it is. It’s sole purpose is to take down enemy armor so use them to destroy enemy vehicles or as support for your own armored vehicles.

The end of the Battlefield 1 Open Beta is yet to be announced. Use this opportunity to hone your skills so when the game comes out you’ll be the undisputed king of No Man’s Land.

Watch the Open Beta trailer below.

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