Battlefield 1 Gameplay: Know More About Dynamic Weather

Battlefield 1 Gameplay: Know More About Dynamic Weather
Battlefield 1 DICE

Battlefield 1 will take everything you think you know about FPS and rip it to shreds without blinking an eye. So say goodbye to the shock and awe of Modern Warfare and get set for the grinding battles of, wait for it, World War 1.


Not only will the game take a rustic setting but GPS, infrared, and all the conveniences of current FPS games will not be available. How’s that for authenticity right?

According to Gamezone, EA DICE has also announced in an all new developer blog that dynamic weather will be a factor in possibly all multiplayer matches. As if running around a wartorn piece of real estate was bad enough, you’ll have to deal with the weather too, great!

Sarcasm aside, this authenticity might be the selling point for Battlefield 1. According to Engadget , being set in World War 1 also gives dash of uniqueness. Wise choice considering most are caught up with creating FPS featuring future technology or god-forbid another one set in WW2.

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Nice Weather We’re Having

Unlike the game’s environment, which can be altered depending on the payer’s actions, the weather is beyond control. However, the weather is designed to shift in small ways, which can also affect the overall gameplay.

Small atmospheric changes can make or break any multiplayer game as a small sliver of sunlight can be a game changer. Atmospheric changes such as fog can quickly turn a trench war into a melee free-for-all. It would be interesting to see players ditch the rifle for their daggers and bayonets.

To effectively play in this ever changing environment, you’ll need to use your wits and think like a true soldier. Use the terrain and the weather to your advantage.

While the sandstorm is disrupting the enemy’s view, use it as an opportunity to launch a sneak attack. Use the momentary cover provided by an overcast sky to move into a strategic position.

This gives the game a dash of authenticity as uncertainty is always part of war. Games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has always been criticized for being too fantastic in their portrayal of war.

Perhaps this will put it in a favorable light with critics. So be ready to put yourselves into your great-grandpa’s shoes when Battlefied 1 is released on October 21, 2016.

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