Battleborn DLC To Feature New PVP Maps, Heroes, PVP Mode & Improved Matchmaking System

Battleborn DLC To Feature New PVP Maps, Heroes, PVP Mode & Improved Matchmaking System
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Over the years many game titles have failed to appeal to the fans on its initial release. Battleborn met fierce sales competition with Uncharted 4 and Doom on its release. However, the studio still hasn’t given up and has more than a dozen of DLCs in development.


Earlier this week Gearbox posted an update on their blog with future plans for Battleborn. While the developers have already released “six hot fixes and two major content patches” for the game, the studio is currently developing the next season pass content.

According to Eurogamer, Gearbox will be releasing three new maps in the upcoming weeks and five new free heroes by the end of fall. The studio has also confirmed that they are working on various DLCs and shared their plan schedule, containing details about free and premium DLC contents.

Gearbox will start releasing their new contents from July and will aim to release exciting add-ons throughout the month. The studio has also started developing the “community-requested features such as a broadcaster mode and in-game reporting.”

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There’s a chance that some DLC contents will be released later than the original schedule. The DLCs will go on throughout winter and last until the end of summer thanks to five new paid contents from story operations. As of now, Battleborn fans should look forward to pendles, matchmaking adjustments, hero balancing, lore challenges and new PVP modes.

If you are a Battleborn player packed with a lot of credit, Gearbox has already released loot packs, new heroes, Additional bank pages and Additional Loadouts that can be purchased with your in-game credit.

Players with Platinum currency can also grab 25 premium skins, eight premium taunts, additional bank pages and additional loadouts. It can be used on PlayStation Store, Xbox Store and Steam.  You can check out the whole schedule on the blog post here.

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