‘Batman Vs Superman’ News: Jena Malone To Play Batgirl?

‘Batman Vs Superman’ News: Jena Malone To Play Batgirl?
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore via Compfight cc
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“Batman vs Superman” spoilers have been scarce pending the release of the movie, but a recent magazine may have hinted that Batgirl would join the war among DC Comics’ most powerful superheroes.


As reported by Comic Book Movie, a magazine scan shows that the confirmed cast members of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” may be lodged as one of the franchise’s best character additions yet. Despite the fact that the movie’s spoilers and trailers failed to show who Jena Malone plays in the movie, speculations point that her change in appearance may hint her character.

At first, Malone was rumored to play Robin a while back when casting for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was revealed. Another theory pointed out that she may be lodged to play the Oracle who appears to be in a wheelchair in the comic books, as reported by Movie Plot. However, recent speculations have given rise to the theory that she may be playing Batgirl in the franchise.

The report also reveals that Malone dyed her hair red after she was cast in the movie. According to DC Comics, Batgirl flaunts red hair, which hints that she may be set to play Batgirl despite speculation that point otherwise.

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However, this fact has not been officially confirmed. In fact, the magazine failed to provide specific facts.

Although Jena Malone of “The Hunger Games” has been cast to play a role in “Batman vs Superman,” no confirmation of spoilers has been announced as to whether who her character would be. However, since she dyed her hair red, a feature Batgirl possesses, does this mean she is an addition to Batman’s team in the film’s war against the franchise’s most renowned heroes?