Batman Vs Superman Mystery Character Revealed

Batman Vs Superman Mystery Character Revealed
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore via Compfight cc
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Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice spoilers keep coming in, and the latest one reveals actor Scoot McNairy’s role. Despite speculations that say he will play a major role in the movie, a recent report surfaced saying fans have been wrong all along. However, his character is said to be injured by Superman himself.


McNairy was first reported to take part in the upcoming DC Comics movie “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.” However, his role was not revealed. With the mystery surrounding his character, Screen Crush reports that he was spotted wearing green-screen leggings while dressed casually in public. This gave rise to speculations that he might be strutting The Flash’s costume.

However, a recent report by Latino Review reveals that the trailer for “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” shows that his character won’t be as big as others perceive it to be. A trailer for the movie shows that the green-screen leggings he wore during the 2014 sighting are related to his role as a wheelchair-bound character.

He was seen in the sneak peek attending a Senate hearing. He was portrayed as a collateral damage victim named Jimmy Olsen. As was seen in “Man of Steel,” the Battle of Metropolis caused tremendous damage and wounded human beings as Superman was battling Zod, reports Screen Crush. Olsen was injured during the said battle and was labeled as a victim of Lex Luthor’s campaign.

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The report also reveals that Olsen will be used by Luthor as a human bomb in order for him to get closer to Superman and kill him. Therefore, his character may just be extra in the film, someone who will go boom!

Despite the negation of McNairy’s role as The Flash, no confirmation has been released as to whether the character will appear in “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” yet. Will there be a DC Comics superhero crossover?

Catch “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” in theaters this March 25, 2016.