‘Batman Vs Superman’ Helps Bats, Shia LaBeouf & John Cena Join Cast?

‘Batman Vs Superman’ Helps Bats, Shia LaBeouf & John Cena Join Cast?
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“Batman vs Superman” is just around the corner, and director Zack Snyder has other things in mind. As a Wisconsin native, the director, along with the production team and cast lent a helping hand and committed to the Save the Bats campaign.


Director of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Zack Snyder, along with the rest of the cast, crew and their families, weren’t focused on the movie. Instead, they helped the Organization of Bat Conservation. They built houses, painted, and offered autographs for people who visited the site at Wisconsin, reports WKow.

They built houses for bats since the specie was experiencing health troubles. According to the report, an invasive fungus has infiltrated the bat area in Wisconsin, which resulted to the deaths of many bats.

During an interview, Snyder said, “[The set] was just this great atmosphere because everybody just stopped their filming to help and they were really behind it and thought this is something that they could get excited about and help out with.”

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In fact, the Organization for Bat Conservation itself and Warner Bros., the company behind “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, are currently under talks to support the “Save the Bats” campaign, especially during the release of the movie in theaters.

In other news, Cinema Blend reports that Batman vs. Superman did not only lend a helping hand at Wisconsin but also gained a trailer remake from Jon Cena, Shia LaBeouf and Randy Orton.

According to the report, a video posted in Vidgeo shows LaBeouf making his own motivational speeches like he was a part of production. To top it off, Orton played Superman, someone who was resistant to gunfire! The most hilarious take of all was Cena incorporated as Wonder Woman! What?

The trio tag team look horrendously entertaining as the trailer may pass as something more entertaining than “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” trailers!

On that note, the real Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie will release this March 25, 2016. Unfortunately, John Cena, Shia LaBeouf and Randy Orton will not be seen in that one.