Batman V Superman Spoilers: Henry Cavill Reveals Superman’s Advantage

Batman V Superman Spoilers: Henry Cavill Reveals Superman’s Advantage
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DC Comics fans have been anticipating the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the movie’s director, Zack Snyder, along with the actor who plays Superman, Henry Cavill, revealed tremendous spoilers that will make fans more intrigued with the upcoming film. Batman v Superman will show a different Batman, one who is impatient and has lost his way, while Superman oozes with power strong enough to crush him.


Director Zack Snyder took a unique twist when filming the upcoming DC Comics movie, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” by choosing a more mature actor to play an older Batman, Ben Affleck. The actor revealed, “[Batman in this film] is a guy who had been through the experience already for many years and was kind of burnt out and asking himself what the point of it all was and going through an existential crisis.”

He added, “Batman is covered up by a suit and sometimes a car and sometimes a lot of vehicles and weapons, whereas Bruce Wayne is much more naked – it’s just you and a suit of clothes. You can’t really play Batman because Batman is different things to different people. We protect our own things onto the mythology of what Batman is, and he has to be able to be projected upon. With Bruce Wayne, you have to bring something distinct and new and different.”

Conversely, the actor who plays Superman, Henry Cavill, also had his share of revelations about his character and how Superman is more powerful in this film. He said, “He [Superman] can sure as hell take Batman out if he wants to, and Batman takes advantage of that. He’s not going all-out against the kids because he’ll end up smashing people around.” He added, “It’s the idea of still wanting to have fun but no one gets hurt, so you’re being careful about where your knees and elbows are going. That’s what Clark is for me, but Superman is far more relaxed. Superman is dad just being dad at home.”

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In other news, Snyder revealed that “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is where three of the most noteworthy heroes of the DC Comics will be highlighted on film. He said, “I love Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman, but having Flash and Aquaman and Cyborg and to see them all standing together, it’s a pretty dorky and cool experience for me. Basically every one of those characters has a logo that you would recognize without them standing there, and that’s a hard thing to achieve in this pop-culture world. We have history to draw on, but we also have these new frontiers.”

Apparently, the director will introduce more DC Comics heroes in the said film and adapt to history but add a little of his own style to the movie. Provided that, the director also revealed that Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, is currently filming for the superhero’s stand-alone film as well.

According to Snyder, “There’s a whole new world of fantasy in comic books, and if you just focus on one small portion of it, you’re never going to get the full magic of it. Now that we’re introducing all these other characters and really building the universe to a far larger place than just a simple alien’s life on Earth, it really makes it extraordinarily interesting.”

Catch Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice in theaters this March 25, 2016 and see how Superman’s advantageous powers will bring down Batman. Or will it be the other way around, especially when his kryptonite may be discovered by Bruce Wayne?