‘Batman V Superman’ Release Date Nearing, Movie Expected To Gross $388 Million

‘Batman V Superman’ Release Date Nearing, Movie Expected To Gross $388 Million
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The “Batman V Superman” release date is fast approaching. With the interest it has generated from trailers and images, Warner Bros are expecting high profit from the superhero movie. Boxoffice.com has projected the movie to gross $154 million in the opening weekend.


While it may seem too high as the Batman V Superman release date is still far, it is the most anticipated movie in the world. The website also projected a gross income of $388 million for the movie. It is just the domestic gross figure. Worldwide figures are yet to come out.

It was previously rumored that the budget for the movie is more than $400 million, which proved to be wrong. This is the first time Batman and Superman will be seen on one screen. The two superheroes will be fighting each other. To make it more intriguing, Wonder Woman will be joining the cast.

In the movie, Superman is considered a threat to humanity. Batman starts his journey to defeat him. However, they end up fighting alongside each other for a larger mission.

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The story is about the concept of superheroes. What kind of superhero is needed in the modern world? With the two superheroes fighting, the city is under threat. A new and bigger threat will make them work together. At some point, Wonder Woman will come to rescue them.

Batman V Superman will be in theaters on March 25. The movie has managed to grab a lot of attention before the release date. The trailers have been revealing. Will it be able to keep up with expectations?