‘Batman V Superman’ News: R-Rated Version To Arrive On DVD

‘Batman V Superman’ News: R-Rated Version To Arrive On DVD
Superman vs Batman Panel. Neon Tommy / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 2.0

On Wednesday, the Classification and Ratings Administration unleashed a bulletin saying Zack Snyder’s forthcoming superhero film “Batman v Superman” is rated PG-13 for “intense sequences of violence and action throughout, and some sensuality.” The PG-13 rating is common for a superhero movie.


Ryan Reynolds’ “Deadpool” came with a different rating. And it seems from hereon, the trend is going to push the ratings envelope a bit further into R-territory.

Reportedly, Batman v Superman won’t include anything R-rated in cinemas; children are okay to come along. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition will be R-rated, though.

Warner Bros. and Snyder certainly knew that additional scenes for Batman versus Superman would mean an R rating. But the film’s extended, more graphic release had been decided upon even before Deadpool made superlative earnings. With an opening receiving $152.2 million on February 8 and by Wednesday, Deadpool has grossed $500 million globally.

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But unlike Deadpool, Batman and Superman are superheroes of the more traditional sort – DC characters that can be enjoyed by adults but also intended for children. Batman and Superman are colorful, inspirational figures.

The R-rated version seems odd for the reason that it raises questions regarding who an R-rated “Batman v Superman” is intended for.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’s theatrical version runs for two hours and 31 minutes. Warner Bros. is still declining any comments regarding the R-rated version’s length.