‘Batman V Superman’ Can Destroy DC Cinematic Universe

‘Batman V Superman’ Can Destroy DC Cinematic Universe
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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice marks the start of a series of movies that would emanate from characters that would be introduced in the film. In fact, “Wonder Woman,” “The Flash,” “Cyborg,” and “Green Lantern Corps,” were already declared by Warner Bros. to release in the future. However, what if the first of these movies fail to entertain the audience?


As reported by Cinema Blend, there is a huge possibility that “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” could end up like “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” a Marvel film that did not catch the hearts of the franchise’s fans.

Drew McWeeny, a columnist and reporter of HitFix, suggests that for those who have seen “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” they thought that there would be a need for director Zack Snyder and the rest of the production team to modify what they have already created, especially when the audience is the main priority.

Furthermore, the source also indicates that the fall-out of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” was the product of an over-achieving crew. It was said that the movie was supposed to give birth to several movies, especially when the iconic death of Gwen Stacy was imperative in Spider-Man’s life in the comics. However, since the movie failed to entertain the audience, the source concludes that the production team failed to deliver, for they were too focused on creating something that could sprout more stories.

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With that, the source then relates to the challenge “Batman vs Superman” will tackle. Since several movies have been declared to follow the film, the source then concludes that if the movie would end up as un-entertaining as “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” what would happen to the future of the DC Comics Universe on film? Will the other following movies be canceled if “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” fails to entertain?

However, despite the challenges the movie is to overcome, Collider reports that the film is getting all the help it can get, especially with respect to Ben Affleck’s role as Batman.

When Affleck guested on Good Morning America, he revealed that he had help from actors who portrayed the character in previous films. These actors were George Clooney, who played Batman in “The Batman of Batman & Robin,” and Christian Bale, who played the character in Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” trilogy.

However, Affleck failed to specify the advice these actors gave him. Although it would seem that given the circumstances, the film could use some help in enticing the audience, especially from those who have been there.

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” marks the introduction of a wider future for DC Comics Universe in the world of film. In fact, the character’s storylines are so intertwined with each other, the fall of the first could greatly affect those that follow. Would the film be able to overcome these challenges come March 25, 2016?


  • Nick

    The Amazing Spider man 2 had so much issues with villains and death of Gwen and so many things going on that is was complete mess comparing it to well received (by trailers and tv spots) Batman V Superman is wrong.

    Theres no doubt BvS will be a massive success

    • braylon thompson

      f u nick..ur dc fanboy….trailers for shitty movies can look good

      • Nick

        Whats with the hate? Got your jimmies rustled? Go back to hole you came out of.