Batman Solo Movie: Superhero Old And Morally Bankrupt

Batman Solo Movie: Superhero Old And Morally Bankrupt
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Ben Affleck’s “Batman” solo movie is Warner Bros. next big project in DC Films. The fictional series was earlier taken on by Christopher Nolan, leading its trilogy to a massive blockbuster success.


Currently, fans are hoping the reboot series to closely adapt DC Comics storyline and its events. Fortunately, it seems to be DCEU’s game plan from the start.

While DC fans were initially wary about Ben Affleck putting on the Dark Knight cape, the actor’s recent appearance in Justice League teaser trailer has changed people’s perspective entirely. Furthermore, there have been discussions in social media, considering him to be the best Bruce Wayne version in cinematic universe.

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Currently Ben Affleck is working side by side with Justice League and his solo movie. It was also confirmed that the Oscar winner and Geoff Johns were working on the script for the reboot version as well.

Since then, fans have wondered if Batman solo movie would begin as an origin story or introduce the Dark Knight as an experienced superhero. Recently, Deborah Snyder’s vague hint gave us an answer.

In an interview conducted by Forbes Contributor Mark Hughes, Deborah Snyder said, “here’s the thing. Zack wanted someone who’s older(Batman), who has some gravitas, right? Because it’s some nice juxtaposition to Henry’s [Cavill] Superman. He’s just becoming this hero, and he’s trying to figure out what that all means. And then here we have this guy Batman who’s been doing it for years and years.”

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In an earlier interview with “The Graham Norton Show” for Batman v Superman promotion, Ben Affleck also said, “Zack came to me and said, I want you to do this Batman and I said, I don’t think I’m really right for this, the young guy avenging his parents death and puts on a cap and fights supervillian, maybe one time.”

But Zack Replied to him. “No, that’s not it. He’s completely broken down, he’s older, he’s falling apart, he’s on the verge of moral bankruptcy.”

DCEU’s idea from the start was to introduce a batman that has grown old. Judging the statement by Deborah Snyder, it’s likely that Ben Affleck won’t be scripting a Batman solo movie explaining the origin of the Dark Knight. Furthermore, it cancels out a concept like Zero Year as well.

It’s also possible that Ben Affleck’s Batman solo movie would introduce various supervillains like The Joker, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Penguin etc and give us glimpses of their origin story in the movie rather than explain their existence in an entire movie.

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