Batman Solo Movie: Jessica Chastain As Poison Ivy?

Batman Solo Movie: Jessica Chastain As Poison Ivy?
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Jessica Chastain has been fan cast by DC community as the perfect Mera for her redhead appearance and physical traits similar to the fictional character in comics. Earlier there were also rumors that the actress was approached for a role in MCU.


While Jessica Chastain could easily portray as a superheroine in any Comic Book Movies, it looks like the actress could likely be approached to play as the Poison Ivy in DCEU movies.

Recently, a fan art revealed Jessica Chastain as Poison Ivy. An image of the redhead actress was graphically altered and was revealed as the manipulating supervillain wearing a green plant dress.

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Last year during an interview with The Guardians, Jessica Chastain revealed that, “A couple of times I’ve gotten really close. The problem is, if I do a superhero movie, I don’t want to be the girlfriend. I don’t want to be the daughter. I want to wear a fucking cool costume with a scar on my face, with fight scenes. That’s what I’d love.”

Since then it has been speculated that she could play as Posion Ivy in Ben Affleck’s reboot Batman solo movie. Currently, Warner Bros. has not begun its casting for the film.

The 44 year old actress recently played her role as Sara in The Huntsman: Winter’s War. Jessica Chastain will also be playing the main role in her upcoming movie, Miss Sloane.

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In the classic Batman & Robin movie, Actress Uma Thurman played the role as Poison Ivy. Although the movie wasn’t a success, her seductive portrayal went viral among DC fans.

If Poison Ivy is confirmed to appear in Batman solo movie, Jessica Chastain could be the perfect redhead to portray the villainous role. Recently, Gotham TV series confirmed Actress Maggie Geha to play as Poison Ivy in the show.

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    Jessica Chastain is 39. But yes, she would make an incredible Poison Ivy. Fingers crossed!