The Batman Movie: Script Leaked? Villians Arkham Asylum Breakout, Joker Abuses Harley Quinn

The Batman Movie: Script Leaked? Villians Arkham Asylum Breakout, Joker Abuses Harley Quinn
Ben Affleck Gage Skidmore / Flickr cc

Ben Affleck certainly has his hands full as the Director and main protagonist of The Batman. Since Warner Bros. officially confirmed the Oscar winner as the director for the film, Affleck has also been busy acting and as the executive producer for Justice League.


The last update on The Batman was revealed by Geoff Johns that the movie is currently in the scripting stage of production. While it seemed too early to expect more details from Warner Bros. at its early stages, it looks like Ben Affleck might have been progressing faster than expected.

Recently, a Reddit user posted details suggesting it to be the plot information for The Batman movie.  According to his post, “Joker and Harley have a subplot involving a bomb to blow up all the inmates [Arkham Asylum]. Furthermore, it was it also claims that it later “results in Harley leaving the Joker because of the abuse”.

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By far, Warner Bros. has avoided showing the abusive relationship and bond shared between The Joker and Harley Quinn. It was also revealed that the studio edited a scene that involved Joker pushing Harley off the chopper in Suicide Squad movie.

The post also claims that Deathshot played by Will Smith will be appearing in the movie along with other Arkham villains as well. Earlier this year, there were rumors that The Batman plot will plays entirely on the criminals imprisoned in Arkham Asylum.

The Reddit user also suggests that Viola Davis as Amanda Waller will play a role in the movie as well. While many Arkham villains have been claimed to appear in The Batman, by far Deathstroke is the only infamous character confirmed to be part of the film. The Batman movie will be scripted and directed by Ben Affleck. It has been rumored that the film will release in 2018.

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