Barry Gesser Found Dead: Real ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Is No More

Barry Gesser Found Dead: Real ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Is No More
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Barry Gesser, the real-life “Wolf of Wall Street” who was the inspiration for the movie with the same endearment Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed, was found dead in his residence Wednesday afternoon. Was he murdered or did he overdose on prohibited drugs?


As reported by Inquistr, Gesser was found dead by his housekeeper last Wednesday. Details showed that there were no signs of trauma or that his death was caused by suicide. At present, authorities are still investigating the occurrence. However, law enforcement investigators initially claimed that they do not suspect foul play that led to the death of Gesser.

Earlier this year, Gesser hit the tabloids when his alleged wife, actress Stacey Alysson, caught him red-handed with another woman who was regarded as a New York socialite, Dori Cooperman.

Cooperman stated during an interview with Page Six, “We were just sitting and talking. I may have put on [Alysson’s] T-shirt by mistake. They started arguing. I went to my room. The next thing I know the police are there.” In fact, when Gesser and Cooperman were caught, Alysson called the authorities on them but no one was charged. The 52-year old Wall Street mogul was married to Alysson for only 15 days when he was caught cheating. Is the Wall Street mogul’s death connected to this recent event?

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According to TMZ, despite the scandalous life of Gesser with his women, he already had a history with drug use. However, when his body was found, no paraphernalia or excess medication were found on the scene.

Gesser made a name for himself when he dominated the stock market when he was able to swiftly land investors as a broker, which led to him starting his own stock market firm. However, he was found guilty to stock fraud and was sentenced to three years probation. His life journey was the inspiration for the Oscar-nominated movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio entitled “Wolf of Wall Street.”