Barack Obama Assassination Plot: Facts About Joseph Garguilo

Barack Obama Assassination Plot: Facts About Joseph Garguilo
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On Saturday, a man named Joseph Garguilo was arrested by the FBI for reportedly intending to kill President Obama and possessing a number of weapons.


According to reports, the man kept a stockpile of ammunition, weapons, and explosives, found by investigators while searching the 40-year-old’s Holliston, Massachusetts home.

It was reported by FOX News in July that the Federal Bureau of Investigation received a tip from an individual close to Garguilo. The individual reported that the Massachusetts man had parts to make an AR-15 rifle.

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The tipster revealed that Garguilo owned a number of other weapons, including tasers, mace guns, and hunting knives, court documents said. According to the tip, the 40-year-old from Massachusetts also acquired thermite, which is used for making explosives. In the complaint, it was also stated that Garguilo repeatedly expressed a desire to kill President Obama.

FBI agents believe Garguilo reportedly revealed his desire to target Homeland Security officers and Muslims. The Massachusettes man allegedly said he wanted to “chain a mosque closed and burn it down.” However, he never mentioned any specific mosque or even a time of attack. said in a report that the FBI discovered Garguilo was stockpiling food and water as part of his plan. The FBI was informed by the tipster that Garguilo was “about to snap.”

“Garguilo made a comment to the effect that when President Obama was on the golf course in Martha’s Vineyard, Garguilo should have taken the opportunity to kill him,” said the federal complaint.

As the FBI searched his house, they came across handwritten notes with threats of violent attacks against members of the Islamic faith. Officials said that the man was the subject of a restraining order as there were chances of immediate danger.

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