Seinfeld, Barack Obama Gets Casual Driving A Stingray To Grab Some Coffee

Seinfeld, Barack Obama Gets Casual Driving A Stingray To Grab Some Coffee
Barack Obama via Facebook
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President Barack Obama, relayed his softer and comedic side when he guested for the Jerry Seinfeld Show entitled, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”


The pair rode a 1963 Corvette that had a sticker that read, “my other car is a 5-ton bulletproof limousine.” What did the comedian have in store for the most powerful politician in the US?

As reported by NPR, President Barack Obama and Jerry Seinfeld both boarded a Stingray and went out for coffee like it was just a usual day. The pair talked about normal things such as who the craziest politician is, how it feels to be living in the Oval Office and the White House, and to be that one man who holds a position of extreme power.

The President responded accordingly, “Bad stff, or stupid stuff, is happening constantly, right? Every day. So you have to be able to just make fun of a lot of that, like: ‘That was even dumber and more annoying than usual.’ That’s when cursing is really useful.”

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Other questions that were thrown at Obama were: “You ever go on eBay?,” “What sport is politics? Is it chess? Is it liar’s poker?” “Have you ever touched a thermostat in here?” The responses of Obama were: “it’s not cool, generally, wandering around in my underwear.” “They don’t put out suits. I have a closet like normal people do.” “I do really well with the 0-8 demographic. They love me. It’s like a Nickelodeon thing.”

The most intriguing of all was when Obama told Seinfeld, “It’s a great thing. Please try Obamacare today,” sounding like a business sales agent.

In other news, ABC reported that the President has “gotten off just enough funny lines to get on this show.” In fact, when Seinfeld asked, “How many world leaders, you think, are just completely out of their mind?” Obama then responded, “A pretty sizable percentage.”

Despite the current issues, international problems, and other complicated matters that President Barack Obama has to face and address at present, he showed his funnier side as he boarded a 1963 Corvette with Jerry Seinfeld. The casual questions of the comedian and the corresponding responses of the President were, surprisingly, entertaining for the viewers as the source indicated.

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