Bangkok Bombing Update: Police Pursue ‘Woman In Black’

Bangkok Bombing Update: Police Pursue ‘Woman In Black’
Shadow Kevin D / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Thailand Police are now searching for the “woman in black” in relation to last Monday’s bombing at Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, a spokesman for the police told media on Thursday.


The “woman in black” is purportedly now a person in interest after two men suspected of being involved in Bangkok bombing were cleared by the local authorities.

“I would urge her to come forward to provide information to police,” Lt. Gen. Prawut Thavornsiri was quoted by CNN.

Earlier the police labeled two men—one a tourist from China and the other a local tour guide—as persons of interest as according to a footage, the two men stood in front of another man in yellow as the latter dropped “a black backpack” at the scene.

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The Chinese tourist went home and the Thai tour guide voluntarily went to the police for questioning, but was later released according to BBC. The police, however, sustained their earlier theory that the said man in yellow was involved in the Bangkok blast. That man remains at large.

Authorities said the blast came from a pipe bomb, which killed 20—mostly tourists—and wounded more than a hundred.

Not a one-man job

Gen. Somyot Poompanmoung, royal Thai police commissioner, told media the Thailand bombing involved “several teams” from preparation to execution.

“This operation was carried out by a big network,” the general said.

“There must be a preparation for materials and explosives. There must be people who scout the route. There must be people who survey the site, people who wold cover and look after the bomber. There must be people who know [the escape] route and take the bomber to do it,” he continued.