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This Ball Pit Helps You Make Friends With Anyone (Watch)

This Ball Pit Helps You Make Friends With Anyone (Watch)
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This Ball Pit Helps You Make Friends With Anyone (Watch)

If you’ve always thought you’re just too shy to make more friends, here’s a bouncy and colorful solution for you.

“Take a seat and make a friend.” These are the simple instructions written atop a huge pit that has been filled with several hundred colorful balls.

At first, people just passed through it. They took notice, but they were hesitant to go in. But it didn’t take long before some decided to get in and see for themselves what would happen next.

One by one, they sat inside the ball pit and then, someone else followed them in. They exchanged pleasantries and they turn to one of the colorful balls for what to do next.

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You might not realize it at first, but there happen to be a number of larger balls among the sea of small balls in the pit. Those larger balls are particularly special because they have questions and topics printed on them, allowing you to get to know the other person a little bit better.

Some of the newfound friends talked about bucket lists. Surprisingly, more than one admitted that they have always wanted to go skydiving. Another topic was about creating a secret handshake with someone you have just met.

Another ball asked people to find something they have in common with the other person. And then, things got a little more serious from there. The new friends found themselves talking about the first time they fell in love, the person who inspires them and an experience that changed their lives.

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Created by a company called SoulPancake, the ball pit was indeed successful in bringing people together unexpectedly. People may have stepped in as random strangers, but they climb out of pit as good friends.

The next time you pass a ball pit, stop walking and go right in.

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