Bachelorette 2016: Will It Be JoJo Fletcher Or Caila Quinn?

Bachelorette 2016: Will It Be JoJo Fletcher Or Caila Quinn?
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The Bachelor 2016 is about to end, and speculation has begun for the next Bachelorette 2016. The two names that are coming up are Jojo Fletcher and Caila Quinn.


Inquisitor reports Jojo Fetcher and Caila Quinn as the two ladies under consideration for the rose. While Jojo is still in the run to become the final lady for Ben, Caila is already out.

It has been speculated earlier that Ben Higgins will choose Lauren Bushnell as his lady love. However, there are rumors that they may not stick together due to personal differences.

Ben has posted in his blog, “I was just so struck by how comfortable it felt with Lauren, though. I really meant it that I almost had to hold myself back from moving too fast because it really felt so easy with Lauren. I mean, even when she was talking about how her dad loves to do yard work, I kept thinking, ‘So do I!'”

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In The Bachelor 2016, Ben Higgins expressed his love to both Lauren and Jojo. He rejected one girl in the end, but he may even change his decision. So, no proper word can be given about Jojo for the time being.

According to The Bachelorette tradition, one lady in the final three is chosen for next season. The first Bachelorette Trista Rehn finished second in The Bachelor that year.

While it is speculated that Ben’s final two would be Jojo and Lauren, there are two more ladies in the running. Caila Quinn and Amanda Stanton can also be the next Bachelorette 2016. Ben is excited to choose his life partner on the show.