‘The Bachelor’ Season 20 Finale Recap: Ben Higgins Confused Between Lauren B. and JoJo Fletcher Til The End

‘The Bachelor’ Season 20 Finale Recap: Ben Higgins Confused Between Lauren B. and JoJo Fletcher Til The End
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Ben Higgins has finally chosen the winner of “The Bachelor” Season 20. The road was not easy and the finale proved to be one of the most dramatic finales in the show’s history.


The whole episode was full of drama and tears, Hollywood Life reported. But this time, two hearts broke instead of just one. Allegedly, Ben’s heart was also broken because right until the end, he was confused while choosing between JoJo Fletcher and Lauren B.

The episode started with Ben taking both the ladies to his parents. Lauren met Ben’s parents first and she was as sweet as ever. She confessed her love for Ben.

JoJo met the parents next and she too, confessed her love. Ben’s mother thought it should be Jojo by his side as she felt their relationship will last better amid difficulties. Ben’s mother admitted that it is disturbing for her to know that her son is in love with both the women.

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After meeting the parents, Ben went for a final date with each of the ladies. Ben and Lauren spent the time snuggling on a catamaran. There, he admitted to Lauren that he does not know how they will deal with difficult times as they have not faced any bumps in their relationship. In the evening, Ben came to Lauren’s hotel room. It seems that he was confused with his feelings again. According to People magazine, Ben planned to tell Lauren that he was also in love with Jojo but he cannot bring himself to do it.

Instead, what came out of Ben’s lips were, “No matter what happens, you’ve made me a better person. You’ve made this worth it.” He even added, “You’ve stood beside me at all times and not only allowed me to know you better but also to fall in love with you.”

The final date with Jojo was the more emotional one. Ben now knew he has deeper feelings for her, too. Ben explained, “it’s not like things have taken a step back with Lauren, it’s that JoJo has caught up.”

Jojo was more direct in trying to pry Ben’s true feelings out of him.  She took him to the bathroom where there were no cameras. Because there was at least a microphone, viewers can hear Jojo telling Ben that she needs something from him. “I need something from you. I’m losing my mind,” she said. Ben can be heard replying to this, saying, “Look at me. I’m sitting here, on a bathroom floor, with you tonight.”

Ben continued, “Being as open with you as I possibly can be. And I love you and I know right now that doesn’t feel like it should when I tell you that. What I’m telling you tonight is exactly where I’m at, but…”

Jojo asked, “But you love her too. Am I right?” to which Ben answered “yes” after a long pause. Even though there was no footage of the scene, one could actually hear Jojo crying her heart out. The two ended their bathroom date with a kiss.

When the day came for Ben to choose between JoJo and Lauren, TV viewers can still see the struggle within him. It seems though that he made up his mind when looking at the ring.

The two ladies appeared on the big day looking dolled up. They got into the helicopter, both hoping that they were the chosen one and that Ben will propose to them. The first lady Ben had to meet was the one whose heart he was going to break, which turned out to be JoJo.  Many hearts certainly broke seeing her onscreen about to be dumped.

If the whole atmosphere was not tense enough, Ben’s speech for JoJo is equally heartbreaking. Even as he tried to placate the lady and tell her how much he cares for her, he had no choice but to hurt her in the end. “I came into this not knowing if I was going to find love,” he said, “I didn’t know if this would be real, if this would be hard, or if we could just kind of go through it and take really nice helicopter rides. But with you it was real, always. I didn’t know if I could find love.” Then came the heartbreaking moment he said, “I found it with you, but I found it with somebody else more.”

JoJo was in pain and was obviously too overwhelmed to react. Ben escorted her to the limo and it was the toughest goodbye for him. Once Jojo was gone, Ben composed himself and called Lauren’s father to ask for his approval. He said he was going to propose to Lauren. His father approved and then it was time for Ben to give the final rose to the chosen girl.

Regardless of how hard it was for him to choose only one of the two girls, Ben looked very happy as he proposed to Lauren. It seems that he chose the right girl for him. Lauren accepted the proposal.

With this, the bachelor the ladies were coveting for is no longer going to be one for long. “The Bachelor” Season 20 has officially come to an end. Fans can only hope that Ben and Lauren have a wonderful marriage throughout their lives. We also hope that JoJo will find the right man for her.