‘The Bachelor’ Season 20: Is A Black Bachelor On The Cards?

‘The Bachelor’ Season 20: Is A Black Bachelor On The Cards?
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“The Bachelor” season 20 has just started. Just like the other 19 seasons, it’s white bachelor Ben Higgins taking center-stage. Since 2002, no Bachelor or Bachelorette season focused on black people except one. This time, the franchise may be serious about making a change.


Since the beginning, “The Bachelor” has been subjected to racial criticism. “The Bachelor” season 20 is not much different, with only three black girls participating. This time, ABC Entertainment Group’s president Paul Lee told Entertainment Weekly, “We’re doing a whole lot of tweaks.” Lee mentioned, “We had a Latino Bachelor, obviously,” adding, “We’re doing a whole lot of tweaks. We have ‘The Farm Team,’ right? Which allows us to pick the next one. But I’d be very surprised if The Bachelorette in the summer wasn’t diverse. Perhaps I shouldn’t have said that, but I think that’s likely to happen.”

ABC has a tradition of choosing a popular contender as the leading lady or man for next season. It was Ben Higgins this time. “The Bachelor” season 20 has three black ladies. Jubilee, 24-year-old fan favorite, has the highest chance of being the next Bachelorette if she is not chosen.

Lee said during the interview that the tweak will get the show where it’s supposed to go. So are “The Bachelor” season 20 black contestants going to make a major difference on TV? Stay tuned as we bring you more news from the show.

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