‘The Bachelor’ Episode 8 Recap: Who Was Sent Home?

‘The Bachelor’ Episode 8 Recap: Who Was Sent Home?
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The 20th season of The Bachelor is coming towards an end, with Ben Higgins left with four ladies to choose from. In episode 8, Ben was on his hometown date, but things did not go as planned.


The Bachelor recap suggests that Ben was in Laguna Beach, California to meet Amanda’s family. It was teen mom Amanda with her kids Kinsley and Charlie who stole the show, USA Today reports.

Amanda was not sure how Ben Higgins and her girls will be jelling, but once Ben helped the girls make a sand octopus, everything went smoothly. Ben was happy to see Amanda get emotional with her kids, and that strengthened their bond even further. You can imagine them as a happy family, Buddy TV points out.

Ben was nervous to meet Amanda’s parents owing to the fact that her previous marriage ended in a bad manner. Amanda’s mom and dad were curious about their future, but they would be happy as long as Amanda is happy. Amanda, on the other hand, said, “I can 100% see him being a great dad to my kids–being a great husband… I can honestly say that I would be completely heartbroken if I was sent home after this week.”

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This was followed by Lauren B’s hometown date. She brought him to Portland, Oregon, which is called the City of Roses. She said she has feelings for Ben, but she doesn’t know if she will move ahead if she doesn’t get a nod from her family. Ben then explained why he fell for Lauren B, and the first drop of tears came out.

Caila also has the same sort of feeling for Ben Higgins. She talked about it with her mom and dad. Her dad was surprised, but her mom asked her to jump on Ben and tell him her feelings. However, Caila was unable to do that.

Last was JoJo, and the date was not what Ben would have wanted. Before Ben could meet her parents, she received a bouquet of roses from her ex. She felt she should call him. The date with Jojo’s family was not good, because Jojo’s brother did not like him.

At the end of the day, Ben sent Amanda home, though he mentioned he cared for her. Next episode will be a hard-hitting one with the Bachelor of season 20 telling two girls he love them. Stay tuned for more drama on the show.