‘The Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Sends 7 Contestants Home In Premiere Episode

‘The Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Sends 7 Contestants Home In Premiere Episode
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If you ask “The Bachelor” contestants what they want, the single answer would be a rose. The show’s premiere saw “The Bachelor” Ben Higgins sending seven women home. It was frustrating, but the drama has begun.


“The Bachelor” season 20 has some of the craziest participants. A crazy dentist, twins and, yes, Lace. It is going to be a crazy season and viewers can expect a lot of fun. People are talking about the twins since they don’t know if it would be advantageous.

“The Bachelor” Ben Higgins handed over the first impression rose to Olivia, the news anchor who gave up her career to be on the show. Apart from Olivia, Amber and Becca created some stir. Both girls are from the season with Chris Soules. Becca will surely be a contestant to look out for. Another awkward occurrence in the show involves having five Laurens. It is possible that Ben will end up proposing to one of them. Lauren B is the strongest contestant in the run as viewers like her a lot.

Lace is one of those complaining girls Ben is not going to stand for long. After the rose ceremony, she told Ben, “I feel like you didn’t even look at me once during the whole thing,” adding, “You would not look at me. I watched you.”

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There was so much entertainment on the show, with girls dressing up in wired accessories. “The Bachelor” Ben Higgins also got a dental checkup from Mandy. There is a lot of drama to come. It was just the premiere episode, and the mercury is already rising high. Stay tuned for more heat.

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