The Bachelor 2016 Teaser: Ben Higgins Betting On Getting Married At The End

The Bachelor 2016 Teaser: Ben Higgins Betting On Getting Married At The End

With the upcoming premiere of The Bachelor 2016 this January, teasers surfaced hinting who the season’s villain would be. It could be Lace Morris. The beauty from Denver will allegedly wreak havoc unto the girls and Ben Higgins.


According to Refinery 29, the recent teaser shows that Lace Morris, one of the girls dying to end up with the Bachelor 2016 Ben Higgins, saying she did not receive a kiss from the man in spite of her trying to pucker some. Furthermore, another trailer also shows that after “Perfect Ben,” a cut version from a clip reveals that Lace may have punched another contestant on the face. Since Higgins already revealed during an interview that he hates drama, especially when it comes to relationships, will Lace still have a shot at gaining his heart?

With all the drama surrounding the series, a tweet showcased a bingo card, one that would get The Bachelor fans busy while they await the premiere. The card is as follows:

In other news, ABC reports that the teaser also shows Higgins and Maegan, one of the favorites of the man in the upcoming season, as well as a new pet in town, a mini-horse named Huey.

Catch the new season of The Bachelor 2016 this Monday, January 4, and find out which among the 20 women has what it takes to be Ben Higgins’ fiancé. After all, the perfect guy did reveal that he hopes to get himself down on one knee and propose to the winner.