Baby Olivia Wardrobe ‘Mishap’: See Family Photos, Know Them More

Baby Olivia Wardrobe ‘Mishap’: See Family Photos, Know Them More

Moms, take heed. When it comes to the children’s wardrobe, remember that dads may sometimes not make the best decisions.


This is exactly what Ohio mom Brooke Hawley-Basso found out her husband Jeremy dropped their daughter Olivia off to daycare. When she came to pick her daughter up, she discovered that she had been dressed in overalls, with her shirt missing.

It’s safe to say that Jeremy is a bit fashion-challenged when it comes to dressing up his little girl. In the photo of the text conversation Brooke had with husband, Jeremy referred to Olivia’s overalls as “that thing.” And when his wife explained to him that there is supposed to be a shirt under the overalls, Jeremy simply replied, “Uhm… I gotta plead ignorance here.”

After Brooke posted her experience along with an adorable photo of Olivia in blue overalls, many (moms particularly) have come to share their own daddy fashion mishaps.

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One mom remarked that what Jeremy did was something her own husband would have done. She even said, “When my kids were little and I was at work he showed with them to pick me up. He had dressed them in their pjs. Had no idea they weren’t clothes.”

Meanwhile, another mom said that her husband accidentally put on Victoria’s Secret panties on their daughter instead of training panties before dropping her off to daycare.

Jeremy and Brooke have a lovely family of four with one son and their youngest, Olivia. According to his Facebook page, Jeremy works at the Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps. The couple now lives in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Meanwhile, it still remains unclear if Brooke will ever let Jeremy dress up Olivia for daycare again. For the record, the overalls are cute.

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