Baby Emmaleigh Barringer Dead After Rape: Publicly Hang Benjamin Taylor!

Baby Emmaleigh Barringer Dead After Rape: Publicly Hang Benjamin Taylor!
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In what can be called a mother’s worst nightmare, the whole of Jackson County (West Virginia) mourns the terrible plight of 10-month-old Emmaleigh Barringer, who was put on life support after being declared brain-dead by doctors at the CAMC General Hospital. An arrest has been made in this regard.


Baby Emmaleigh, whose unresponsive body was found bloody and naked in the basement of a Meadowlark Lane residence, was brutally raped and beaten by her mother’s boyfriend, reports WSAG news channel.

The Jackson Country Police Department has apprehended 32-year-old Cottageville resident Benjamin Taylor on charges of first-degree sexual assault. The charges on the accused will be upgraded, the sheriff told reporters.

According to deputies, Taylor initially declined knowing anything about the incident. However, after being read his Miranda rights, Taylor finally admitted taking the infant to the basement earlier that evening. Although he denies involvement, he said he “blacked out” and doesn’t know what happened.

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The Jackson Country Police found a lot of blood on clothes and blankets in the basement where the baby’s mother found the critically-injured infant lying motionless. Taylor’s failed attempts to keep a consistent story about the incident raised police suspicion, and the suspect is currently being held at the South Central Region Jail on a bond of $2 million, as reported by

A petition to the Federal Government has been created on October 5, 2016 to “Publicly hang Benjamin Taylor.” More than a thousand people have already signed the petition, with more and more signatures pouring in by the hour.

For signing the petition, click here.

A GoFundMe program has been launched by the victim’s aunt to invite donations for the baby’s medical expenses and lawyer fees. People from every nook and cranny have expressed their heartfelt condolences, and prayers are being offered for the baby’s swift recovery.

If you want to make a donation, you can do it here.

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  • If it is proven that this young man done this horrible thing, then it is painfully obvious that he needs mental help badly.

    Nothing can express the hurt that this family and the baby in question endured. I pity them for that. But this man is (NOT) mentally straight and has something very wrong with him.

    • Murilo Flávio Da Silva Moreira

      Nothing less than killing him must be accepted as punishment.

  • Lisa Marie

    This man doesn’t need mental help, drugs, rehabilitation or none of that. He needs an exorcism. Period. Roman Vatican. who knows. That was an act of pure evil. Look in his eyes. There is an malevolent force in there. What he did was not of human origin, it was demonic. Only a person open to demonic possession would kill an innocent child. It was a sacrificial killing. Children have higher chances of survival on this earth when they are baptized and offered up to God. Praying over your children with anointing oil symbolizes the blood f Christ thus more security from demonic forces. God is real, demons are real. The devil has his own tv show named “Lucifer”. How much more proof do you need? Pray for your children

  • Robyn Louise

    How somebody can do such an evil thing has really shocked me! I have a 10 month old daughter myself and after hearing about this I cried for so long and I think about little emmaleigh every single day! Poor little girl, rest in peace and I will be praying for you and every child in the world including my own. This man needs to be tortured and shamed and his life needs to be taken away from him. He doesn’t deserve any help or any chance at all.

  • had enough

    If we are going to go after this human pos we have to consider mama too. She brought this trashbag into that baby’s life and believe me, she knew he was a trashbag. She either didn’t care, or was so desperate that she would accept anyone rather than be alone. Either way, she is 50% responsible. As to him, send him to Prison and put him in Gen Pop they will enjoy torturing him hanging is quick he deserves anything but a quick death. If that baby survives she will be scarred for life physically and mentally and will have to live with the knowledge that her MOTHER was responsible for bringing this bag of sht into her life.