Baby Dead Inside Fridge: Mom Angela Blackwell Arrested; Grandpa Says She’s Innocent

Baby Dead Inside Fridge: Mom Angela Blackwell Arrested; Grandpa Says She’s Innocent
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A four-day-old baby died after her mother placed him inside a refrigerator and left him there for hours.


Angela Blackwell, a 27-year-old mother from South Carolina, was at home with her son, William David Blackwell, on February 27 when she decided to put her infant inside the refrigerator. After three hours, Blackwell said she had taken the baby out and went to seek medical attention. First responders tried to revive the baby but to no avail. William was pronounced dead at a hospital.

On Monday, six months after the death of her son, Blackwell was arrested. According to a report from AP, investigators said they spent a great deal of time doing forensic tests on the baby as well as taking statements. During a court appearance on Tuesday, Blackwell remained silent, only nodding upon hearing from the judge that no bond can be set in her case due to the severity of her charges.

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According to Chester Country Coroner Terry Tinker, young William died as a result of hypothermia with asphyxiation after being placed from the cold. Meanwhile, CBS News reports that the arrest warrant on Blackwell reads, “The death occurred under circumstances manifesting an extreme indifference to human life.”

Despite the cruel nature of her crime, the baby’s grandfather, Billy Lewis, does not believe Blackwell was the one who killed her baby, stating that there were other people in the home.

“She didn’t do it. We don’t know who did it, but she didn’t do it,” he said.

Meanwhile, the father of William, 35-year-old Jeffery Paul Lewis, is not being charged in connection to his son’s death. Lewis has a lengthy arrest record and served more than two years in prison in the past for a probation violation. According to a report from The Herald, the couple has another 3-year-old son. He was taken into custody by DSS after Blackwell’s arrest.

Blackwell is being represented by public defender William Frick. Her next court appearance has been set for November 10.

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