Azerbaijan Ambassador Undermined Kim Kardashian, ‘You’re Just A Reality Star!’

Azerbaijan Ambassador Undermined Kim Kardashian, ‘You’re Just A Reality Star!’
Kim Kardashian at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival for the premiere of Wonderful World. David Shankbone / Wikimedia Commons CC BY 3.0

Kim Kardashian is asked to mind her business by none other than the Azerbaijan ambassador Elin Suleymanov. The ambassador asked her not to talk about war and peace because she is merely a reality star.


Speaking with Foreign Policy, the ambassador said, “She’s very famous and beloved by her fans, but matters of war and peace are a little too serious for a reality-TV star.” The ambassador quickly said this is not personal. He said he himself abide by the rule of not crossing over to unfamiliar territories. “I personally would be a very bad reality-TV star, so I try not to cross into areas I’m not familiar,” he said. Apparently, he cannot stand it that Kardashian was recently talking about the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict.

He said seeing Kim is hardly familir with both military and political matters, she should just stick to what she’s good at. “I’m not sure Ms. Kardashian is a military or political analyst, so maybe we should all do what we do best,” he said.

So, where did all this animosity come from?

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The world-famous model and TV personality posted recently took to her Instagram account and posted an image that revealed her sympathy for the Armenian security forces on Monday. The picture that featured military helicopters and tanks flying the Armenian flag that read “Praying for everyone in Armenia and all around the world!” By posting this image, the reality star’s 66 million followers could have read the caption and deem Azerbaijan as being evil without knowing the details of the conflict.

However, the issue really needs attention. According to the Daily Mail, the situation in Armenia is dire.  More than 75 people are dead since the violence between the two countries started in the 1990s. Apart from Kim, Rob Kardashian, and sister, Khloe Kardashian also posted pictures in support of Armenia.

While Armenia and Azabaijan may have decided to cease fire after four days of fighting, the fire seems to be still burning in the political level. The Kardashian family showing its support for Armenia was not taken in positively by the ambassador.

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